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+ Our Facebook Page is back up and working!

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+ Club Ride February 27th 10:00 am Club House

(our ride will be done in vehicles due to lack of snow and poor trail conditions)

+ Wisconsin Snowmobile Trail Pass Required as of July 1, 2015

+ Ranger City Riders Clothing now available! (see Ranger City Rider Clothing Page)

Trail Conditions

4/13/16 – Our trail system does not allow ATV/UTV’s.  We currently have Road Routes that get you through our area

3/1/16 – Trails are closed for the season

2/28/16 – Trails are open but in very poor condition .

2/8/16 – Trails are Open.

Please be safe and remeber to stay on the trail! Snowmobiling is a privilege not a right and can change if we dont respect owner landowners property. Happy Ridding!

1/15/16 – Trails are open

Trails are open from Wausaukee going west toward Athelstane and to Amberg. We have not panned the trails yet and there is still some water in areas, but you can get through. Gates are open. With the colder weather, we hope to be able to run the groomer through on Monday (1/18/16). We need more snow. We only have 5″-5 1/2″ of snow now.

1/4/16 – Trails still remain closed!

12/31/15 – Trails are currently closed

Trails are currently closed due to water not frozen yet in the swampy areas! We will keep you updated as conditions change!











Wisconsin Snow Report